main.has-dflex-center section .lx-container-70 .lx-row.align-stretch .lx-row .lx-card .lx-row img( src="", alt="Lucas de França" ) .infos span i.fas.fa-user-circle |   Lucas de França span i.fas.fa-briefcase |   Web Designer span i.fas.fa-map-marker-alt |   Brazil .lx-card h1.title MySpace URL: .text span .lx-card .lx-row h1.title Connect with Lucas .mini-cards href="", target="_blank", rel="noopener noreferrer" ) i.fab.fa-github-alt href="", target="_blank", rel="noopener noreferrer" ) i.fab.fa-codepen href="", target="_blank", rel="noopener noreferrer" ) i.fab.fa-twitter .lx-column .lx-row .lx-row.lx-card h1.title i.fas.fa-info-circle |  Lucas is in your extended network .lx-row.lx-card h1.title i.fas.fa-hand-point-right |  About me .text p | Hi, my name is  b Lucas de França | , but I'm better known by my nickname  i @luxonauta | , I'm 23 years old and I'm a Web Designer. p | I   i.fas.fa-heart |   to code front-end projects, always looking for innovative ways to create, with less code and all good practices! .lx-row.lx-card h1.title i.fas.fa-terminal |  Technologies .mini-cards"CSS") i.fab.fa-css3-alt"HTML") i.fab.fa-html5"JS") i.fab.fa-js"Sass") i.fab.fa-sass"Git") i.fab.fa-git-alt"Gulp") i.fab.fa-gulp"Node JS") i.fab.fa-node-js"NPM") i.fab.fa-npm"PHP") i.fab.fa-php"React") i.fab.fa-react .lx-row.lx-card h1.title i.fas.fa-book |  My favorite books .text ol li p b The Lord of the Rings |  - J. R. R. Tolkien li p b Foundation series |  - Isaac Asimov li p b The Demon-Haunted World |  - Carl Sagan li p b The Chronicles of Narnia |  - C. S. Lewis li p b A Brief History of Time |  - Stephen Hawking